MiRA CONSULT – Consulting services from MiRA Resource Center

The MiRA Resource Center for black, immigrant and refugee women has 30 years of experience and expertise on diversity management in Norway. The Center offers professional consultations, facilitates gender and cross-cultural training programs, workshops and specialized talks to individuals, private and public institutions, organizations and diverse-workplaces.

Would you like to know more about gender and diversity programs or about migration, migrant, refugee and minority women’s situation and integration? Do your company/ institution need information or gender and diversity management training in the workplace?

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Our areas of expertise are:

  • Gender equality, violence against women and racism
  • Diversity management in the labor market, schools and education system
  • Cultural identities, sexuality and challenges for young girls with minority background
  • Managing cultural diversity in healthcare

For more information about The MiRA Resource Center, our publications and our consultation programs, please go to our website www.mirasenteret.no  or contact us.

Contact form 22 11 69 20